Adele's 'Hello' Is A Real Thanksgiving Miracle In 'SNL' Sketch

It's the solution to every awkward family dinner, really.

Thanksgiving dinners with family can be awkward, but it's nothing some Adele music can't fix. At least that's what "Saturday Night Live" taught us with their "Thanksgiving Miracle" sketch.

In the clip below, we see a family gathered around the table, ready to dig into their turkey feast. First, they each say what they're thankful for, which leads to some tense conversations about politics, religion and ISIS.

But despite their conflicting attitudes, the family comes together to sing Adele's "Hello," complete with long nails, fur coats and winged eyeliner. Sadly, there was no Adele cameo, but the songstress did give us two stellar performances during the episode. 

Trust us when we say you're going to want to see Matthew McConaughey belting out the lyrics while his flowing locks blow in the wind (machine). 


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