Adele Endorses Hillary Clinton During Miami Concert

"Hello... it's Hillary."

The presidential election may be only two weeks away, but that didn’t stop Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from making a surprise appearance at Adele’s Miami concert Tuesday night. And good thing she did ― Adele took a moment between songs to announce her support for Clinton’s campaign.

“I am English, but what happens in America affects me too,” Adele told the audience, according to a Clinton campaign aide. She added: “Don’t vote for him. ... I can’t vote, but I am 100 percent for Hillary Clinton. I love her, she’s amazing.”

NBC’s Adam Kuperstein caught the moment Adele told fans not to vote for Republican nominee Donald Trump in the video below:

It’s unclear whether Adele knew Clinton was in the audience. Still, the singer likely is aware that the Democratic nominee is a fan.

During a March interview with SiriusXM, Clinton said she was a big Adele fan. “That is my go-to voice, she added.

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