Adele's Isolated Vocals From 'SNL' Prove She's The Best Singer Out There

This is what perfection sounds like.

If you missed Adele's pitch-perfect performance on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend, don't worry. The isolated vocal track is out, and it will show you just how incredible Adele's pipes are, once and for all. 

Though the original video has been removed, head over to Jezebel to hear Adele absolutely slay her "SNL" performance of "Hello." 

Getting your hands on the isolated tracks for any artist can be scary, because you never know what they really sound like during a performance until then.

But Adele simply nails her "SNL" appearance, sounding exactly like the recording you've probably played over 9,347 times by now. Yes -- we can hear you, Adele. And you sound perfect. 

Head over here to listen to the rest of Adele's second-ever appearance on "SNL," where she also sings her second hit from "25," "When We Were Young." 

And below, view two more examples of Adele's incredible isolated vocals: 

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