Adele Is The Worst Jamba Juice Customer Of All Time In Ultimate 'Ellen' Prank

"Do I pay? I'm a celebrity."

Here's what we love about Adele: not only is she incredibly talented, but she's also always game for a good laugh. That's a rare combination in a celebrity these days. 

Case in point, her visit to "The Ellen Show" on Thursday, when she pulled the ultimate prank on unsuspecting Jamba Juice employees, requesting ridiculous things like a large juice in a small cup and demanding that they add alcohol to her smoothie.

Of course, DeGeneres was in her ear the whole time, prompting Adele to basically torture juicers as a nightmarish celebrity version of herself. Throughout the prank, the singer doesn't break character once, even when she asks, "Do I pay? I'm a celebrity."

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