Adele Thinks Mariah Carey 'Should Be In The Bible' Because, Duh

And on the seventh day, goddess Mariah banned overhead lighting.

In certain circles, Mariah Carey is already revered as a god among Grandes, but an endorsement of biblical proportions from the reigning queen of soul doesn't hurt. 

During her performance in London on Tuesday, Adele took a break between ballads to address her adoring public. Circling the stage, she extended happy birthdays, revealed red carpet anxieties and even delivered an important commentary on the culture of breastfeeding all while draped in a British flag. 

Yes, it's too late to buy tickets.

After remarking on how ridiculous it would be if she wore a T-shirt with her face on it, someone who might not share a similar shame came to mind.

"Did you read that article the other day where Mariah Carey called the lighting abusive?" Adele asked the audience about Carey's comments on the perils of non-custom designed overhead lighting. "She is so biblical that lady. It's a joke. I absolutely adore her."

Adele was referencing comments Carey made in a Sunday Times interview, in which she detailed her extreme objection to certain types of lighting. 

“I have to point out this is a rented house -- I would never have overhead lighting. High hats, they call them," she said, reaching peak Mimi levels. "In my apartment in New York, it’s all recessed lighting, chandeliers, candles. This lighting is abusive.”

And once Adele realized that Carey was set to perform on the same stage the following night, Adele continued, "She's here tomorrow? Oh, my God, I should leave a secret note for her. I think that she should be in the Bible." 

Don't fact check this, but we're pretty sure Carey's musings are a direct quote from the good book. 



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