In Case You Missed It, Adele Has The Three Best Names For 'Vagina'

It's time for a vocabulary lesson.

Adele's appearance on "The Ellen Show" was overflowing with celebrity goodness, so after the Jamba Juice prank and the singer's "All I Ask" redemption there just wasn't enough time to air this deleted sketch. 

In a game titled "5 Second Rule," Adele and Ellen must come up with three words relating to different categories like "ways to say hello" and "things you do when the light goes out" all within five seconds. 

Adele, of course, charms her way through the entire bit, gifting us with off-the-cuff answers that only she could make funny. When asked to give three names for her "lady parts," the singer spits out these three words with little hesitation: "Minnie-moo, vajayjay and a pizza." 

According to Adele, pizza is only used as a descriptor "when someone's nasty."



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