Adele's New Album '25' Leaks Online Days Before Release

London-based Juno Records accidentally posted 2-minute snippets of each song on their site.

Say hello to the dark side of the Internet, Adele: Premature album leaks!

The Grammy-winning songstress's new album "25" isn't scheduled for release until Friday, but on Tuesday, London-based Juno Records accidentally posted 2-minute snippets of each of the 11 songs on the album to its website. The e-commerce site quickly took the songs down, but not before a few impatient Adele fans managed to listen. Weirdly (or, perhaps not so weirdly), the Juno Records page for the album is now blank.

ITV News in the UK also wrote that someone posted a link to a digital copy of the album to Twitter on Tuesday night, but that it, too, was taken down within minutes.

In addition, social media reports on Tuesday indicated that some Target stores had started selling the album early, with one user even posting a photo of herself holding what appears to be a copy of the CD.

However, Adele's label XL Records issued a statement denying the Target reports. It's not yet clear how that squares with the photo above.

Word to the wise: Even if you've already listened to "Hello" so many times that its lyrics are burnt into your eardrums, you have options besides resorting to shady Internet leaks! You could listen to the two other singles from "25" that Adele has released through official channels, "Water Under the Bridge" and "When We Were Young." You could listen to some of the many covers of "Hello" that have sprung up over the Web. Or you could just, you know, wait: The album will be out in a matter of days.

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