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Adele Wore '3 Or 4 Pairs Of Spanx' At The 2012 Grammys (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

While we were glued to our laptops on Sunday, engrossed in the Diamond Jubilee Barge Pageant and the MTV Movie Awards, there was some awesome going on on NBC: "Adele Live London" with Matt Lauer, the singer's first-ever TV network special.

Adele chatted candidly with Lauer about the wild ride that is her career, including that time Elton John called her on the phone and how she scooped up a bazillion Grammys at this year's awards.

But it's actually a wonder she even made it to the Grammys, considering her complicated wardrobe requirements:

Adele: "I had three or four pairs of Spanx on that night!"

Matt: "Were you comfortable in that? Did you like the way you looked?"

Adele: "I loved it! No, I loved it. I actually had another dress made for the Grammys and I ended up passed out in it -- I had a corset on so I was like, 'I can't wear that.' So I ended up wearing it on short notice."

"It," of course, is the stunning custom Giorgio Armani gown that landed Adele on everyone's "Best Dressed" lists that night. The sparkling black gown, accented by a strong red lip and that soft, wavy blonde hair, stole the show as much as Adele's flawless performance of "Rolling In The Deep."

And speaking of her Grammy performance, Matt asked Adele the question we were definitely thinking ourselves: "Can you sing with four pairs of Spanx on?"

Of course not, said Adele. "I took a couple pairs off when I sang."

Atta girl. Like Octavia Spencer before her, Adele knows when to ditch the body-pinching girdles and just let it go.

Watch a clip of "Adele Live London" and see the dress that required "three or four pairs of Spanx" below.

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