Adele Unknowingly Invited A Grammy-Nominated Singer Onstage And It Was Wonderful

Her reaction was EVERYTHING.

Adele got a pleasant surprise on Tuesday when she invited a fan from the crowd onstage to sing a song for her during her Los Angeles concert.  

Jamie Grace, a 24-year-old who just so happens to be a Grammy-nominated singer, surprised both Adele and the crowd from the moment she began singing the Brit’s “Remedy.” Adele began clapping right away, signaling for Grace to keep going. After belting out the ballad, Grace fell to her knees with excitement.

Adele was such a fan, she told Grace to sing one more song ― she chose Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” ― and then embraced her with a tight hug. 

When Grace tried to chat with Adele after singing, she was at a loss for words. We feel you, Jamie. We feel you.  

Correction: This post originally stated the concert took place in Atlanta, when in fact, it took place in Los Angeles. 



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