Adele, You Had Me At Hello!


Those who know me and know my love for music and pop culture are shocked to hear these words come out of me ... I've just recently got into Adele.

Sure, I've heard her music from 19 and 21 and I've seen her gobble up all the awards, but I've never actually sat down and listened to her work or bought a song.

And then there was Hello.

I was impossible to miss the hype, that's for sure. When I jumped to watch her two performances on SNL then I just had to download. 25 sat on my iPhone for a bit until I took my next flight. It's been love at first listen ever since...she truly had me at Hello.

Here she sings When We Were Young, her second performance on SNL.


She started out BIG, right from the start! Before she even performed, SNL was quick to point out that Adele is the one thing we can all agree on! In this clip, she even saves Thanksgiving.

Her numbers are off the charts; that alone is enough to make her a pop icon. But for me her success comes in how she's infiltrated our pop culture, seemingly popping up in every corner in multiple facets with new music. Not many performers are able to do that, especially so quickly.

I fell in love with her when she sang with Jimmy Fallon in the class room. Click here to see that little ditty.


What I love most are her lyrical arrangements. As a writer, I can appreciate the craft of crafting lyrics and weaving a story. Hers make for great reinterpretations from other singers, like this acapella group from New York City who I think did an amazing reinterpretation (and fast!).


Nothing says you've made it to icon status like a parody, and this one has been running social circles for the last few days and has most ROTFLMAO.


I'm not sure what took me so long to get into the music, but I'm certainly glad that I did. I've now downloaded all three albums, which should last me until the next installment.

Can anyone say 29?