Adele's Grammy Performance: Singer Performs 'Rolling In The Deep'

Adele made a triumphant return at the 2012 Grammy Awards on Sunday, belting out her soulful hit "Rolling In The Deep."

Nominated for six awards, the singer recently underwent a throat surgery which fans worried would affect her voice. Judging from Sunday's performance, they have nothing to worry about.

At the time of her performance, Adele has already won four awards (Best Short Form Music Video, Song Of The Year, Best Pop Solo Vocal Performance and Best Pop Vocal Album).

She would go on to win Best Record and Album Of The Year as well, making her night a perfect six-for-six performance.

She was introduced by Gwyneth Paltrow, who called her "something special." Paltrow described 21, Adele's sophomore album as "creating a global music movement."

The Grammy audience clapped along enthusiastically throughout the performance, and the singer seemed completely in her element on the simple stage. She received a standing ovation when she finished, and remained on stage for a good amount of time to drink in the applause.

Before the awards, Adele was widely favored to win Best Album for 21, the album which made the British musician a global name.

Adele debuted her voice in a taped special for "60 Minutes" last week when Anderson Cooper asked her to sing a tiny bit of "Rolling In The Deep," but this was her first major live performance since undergoing surgery.

Adele performs "Rolling In The Deep" at the Grammys:

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