Adele's Grammy Triumph: Twitter Reactions To Her Performance And Wins

How amazing was Adele last night? The singer brought home, count 'em, six Grammys, performed a spellbinding "Rolling in the Deep" (complete with a priceless giggle plus hoot at the end) and gave some of the most honest, endearing thank yous heard at an award show in a while (didn't you love her a little more for the mention of snot?).

If her triumph wasn't palpable enough during the broadcast, the response on Twitter underscored it. E! Online tweeted at 11:27 pm that according to its "Heat Gauge," which tracks which stars are being tweeted about most during an awards show, Adele was getting 35,000 tweets per minute.

Most of those tweets were adoring, some funny, a few concerned (was she straining her voice too much too soon?), and together thy revealed a lot of not just admiration but affection for an adorable, unforgettable 23-year-old from North London.

SLIDESHOW: Twitter Goes Wild For Adele