Here's A List Of Instagram Photos You Could Put On Your Adidas Sneakers This Summer

If you've ever looked at your sneakers and thought "I wish I could throw a filter on these bad boys or maybe a photo of my breakfast," today is your lucky day.

Fashionista broke the news Friday that Adidas are debuting a line of super-meta sneakers that are, you guessed it, Instagram-friendly. Apparently, you'll be able to choose a photo that you love off your feed and have them printed right onto your shoes.

But what about those people who aren't exactly... "skilled" Instagram photographers? Fear not, friends -- we've rounded up some options from our favorite pages for you.

Cara's new adorable bunny, Cecil:

Miranda's eyes, duh:

All these models:

Pretty much anything from Eva Chen:

Kim's face mid-contouring:

Any photo of Kanye making a face like this:


BABIES (although maybe just your own if you have one):

Or anything from HuffPost Style ;)

Would you wear these photos, or any photos for that matter on your feet? Sound off below!

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