Admiral Fallon: A Resignation in Protest

Let's call a spade a spade here. Admiral Fallon has not so quietly had severe disagreements with the White House on our Iraq policy, how it impacts the region and global war on terror, for which he is largely responsible, and warning against war with Iran.

Just one year into his tenure as CENTCOM commander, Fallon resigned today, and you can read into it nothing more than a resignation in protest.

Sure, he'll try to put a good face on it, as a loyal Admiral, and the Pentagon will insist that he was stepping aside to help the team. But that's not the case. The fact of the matter is that the war in Iraq has taken precedence over the war on terror, and the administration has put General Petraeus out there to make the case for our military policy, not his boss, Admiral Fallon.

Who can forget the video of Petraeus saying he didn't know if the war in Iraq made America more or less safe? It was the one moment that crystallized the fact that Petraeus' responsibility began and ended at Iraq's borders. Yet, he was put out there as the face of our military policy -- a job which should have been Fallon's.

The only reason -- ONLY reason -- that Fallon wasn't put out there was because he didn't believe Iraq was making America safer, and knew that Iraq was a drain on the war in Afghanistan. He wasn't going to put his neck out there and repeatedly shill for the administration. At the same time, like many brass, he was going to give his best shot, behind the scenes, to change the policy.

Now, it's become clear that the policy won't change. So, today, Admiral Fallon essentially said, "Forget this. I'm out of here."

Another voice of reason bites the dust.