Adolf Hitler Campbell Mystery: Why Did Authorities Take Him And His Sisters

UPDATE 1/22 1:10 AM

Adolf Hitler Campbell's mom claimed that she lost custody because she was wrongfully accused of abuse, reports the NY Daily News:

A New Jersey mom who gave her three children Nazi-friendly names says she lost custody of the kids because a neighbor wrongly accused her and her husband of abuse...

"My husband and I would never abuse our children," she told the paper for Wednesday's edition. "I just want my children back."

It has been a few days since little Adolf Hitler Campbell and his sisters were taken from their parents by New Jersey's Division of Youth and Family Services. The mystery remains over why they were taken. Fox News reports on the possibility that their infamous names are to blame:

A state official was adamant Friday that a child would never be removed from his parents based solely on his name. But a First Amendment expert said that the boy's name might have had something to do with it...

Although privacy laws prevent authorities from discussing specifics of the case, DYFS spokeswoman Kate Bernyk reiterated Friday that the agency "would never remove a child simply based on that child's name."

But a name like Adolf Hitler could have contributed to their removal, said Rod Smolla, dean of the Washington and Lee Law School.

New York Examiner
writer Laura Harrison McBride comments on the "Ethics of Naming Children."

Despite my extreme distaste for what the Campells have done, I cannot see a reasonable way around it, without subjecting society to ills beyond that of having the odd (using the term advisedly) child with a very unfortunate name. I wonder, though, if the Campbells need to read some history. They named the second child Joyce Lynn Aryan Nation Campbell and the third Honszlynn Hinler Jeannie Campbell. One can't help wondering if they meant Himmler...or perhaps the media has consistently messed it up. Either way, they might want to rename her something that is unequivocally like her sibling's names, perhaps Honszlynn Eva Braun Campbell or Honszlynn Herman Goering Campbell, or even Honszlynn Joachim von Ribbentrop Campbell. I like that one best; it's so regal.