Adolf Hitler Toilet Paper Creates Furor Against German Artist Georg Buchrucker

Adolf Hitler Toilet Paper Draws Furor

A cheeky German artist is rolling in controversy after creating toilet paper featuring Adolf Hitler's face -- without the trademark mustache.

Georg Buchrucker, 32, created what he calls the "Draw Your Own Sh**ler" as a satirical statement against the evil dictator.

Folks who pay $4.70 for each roll at his website are invited to add their own "brown mustache" right on der Fuhrer's face.

"My toilet paper is not just practical, it is making a point with humor," he told "Which mustache-wearing man in history would deserve this treatment more than Hitler?"

Buchrucker, who heils, er, hails from Bonn, Germany, says he's getting orders for the Hitler heiney wipes from as far away as America and Australia, but is surprised by the furor that he's created.

"I'm just really pleased that my idea was so popular but I wish some people who are attacking me would loosen up a bit," he told

Whether or not Buchrucker is guilty of crappy art is a matter of opinion, but -- and this is a big but -- many Germans are known to be a bit openly obsessed with poop.

Other excrement examples cited by blogger Carmel Lobello of Death and Taxes include a popular folk character called "Der Dukatenscheisser," aka "The Money Shitter," who is commonly depicted pooping coins from his rear end, and folk sayings like, "As the fish lives in water, so does the shit stick to the asshole."

And that slams the lid on this story.


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