Satirical Video Urges Africans To Rescue Old People From Denmark

"Please, Africa, open your hearts for Adopt-A-Dane!"

Just days after Denmark passed a law allowing the government to seize valuables from incoming refugees to help pay for their stay, a Danish radio station -- very facetiously -- is recognizing the move as a cry for help. 

"A lot of Danes are commenting on Facebook that so much money is being spent on Africa instead of old people in Denmark," said Jackson Nouwah, founder of the fictional "Adopt-A-Dane Foundation," in a satirical PSA. "When we heard that, we knew we had to do something!"

Denmark, one of the richest countries in the world per capita, last week drew criticism over the "jewelry bill" that would permit Danish officials to confiscate valuables from refugees. An International New York Times editorial called it an "appallingly cruel strategy."

The Danish policy drew criticism almost immediately. The day after it passed, a pair of satirical Twitter accounts launched a tongue-in-cheek critique.

Danish radio station P3-DR on Sunday released the fake PSA, which The Copenhagen Post said appears to be inspired by the "Save Britain Fund" launched in the 1970s by Ugandan dictator Idi Amin amid England's economic crisis.

"Sure, we might have contaminated water, epidemics and lack electricity. But it seems from the Facebook comments that old Danes are worse off. Please let us take care of them!" the Adopt-A-Dane Foundation leader says in the video.

"Old people are not a burden. They are a wonderful gift. ... So please, Africa, open your hearts for Adopt-A-Dane!"

The video was co-produced with Danmarks Indsamling (DKI), a Danish organization that focuses on aid projects around Africa, according to The Copenhagen Post.

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