Adopt A Shelter Dog Month Isn't Over Yet, And These Pups Are Still Dreaming Of Homes

There's still time!

Dog lovers, we've almost reached the end of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month -- aka October -- and there are still some really wonderful dogs who haven't yet found homes.

Like this ridiculous lovemuffin here, who's at the Austin Animal Center in Texas:

Gunthor, as you can clearly see, was born to be a spoiled family dog, in a home. Where he'll spend many happy hours snoozing away between the sheets, when he isn't up and about giving kisses and playing his little heart out. 

Same goes for all these sweethearts -- pups from across the country, hoping that they will close out Adopt a Shelter Dog Month not as shelter dogs at all, but as well-loved pets:

These Doggies Need Homes!

The doggies in this slideshow -- and their photos and bios -- come from these shelters and rescue groups:

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