Best Friends From Chinese Orphanage Reunite In Tear-Jerking Adoption Video

“You think you’re doing something for these kids, but in the end we’ve been so blessed."

A heartwarming video shows the reunion between two toddlers who became best friends at a Chinese orphanage, only to be separated when one was adopted.

Hannah, 4, and Dawson, 3, hadn’t seen each other for 11 months when they embraced at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport last week. Now, they each have a new home in Texas.

The emotion in the video, shared by Sharon Sykes, Hannah’s mom, is nothing short of pure joy.

Sykes says that when she and her family started the process to adopt Hannah, they quickly noticed her bond with Dawson, whom the little girl affectionately calls “Dada.”

“When we toured the orphanage, and I saw their response to each other, I thought, ‘Oh my gosh. We can’t leave this boy in China,’” Sykes told Fox 4.

Sykes returned home to Lewisville, Texas, and got to work finding Dawson a family. Her plea on Facebook reached Chris and Amy Clary, who despite already having three children under 5 years old, decided to adopt Dawson.

About a year later, the two happy kids were reunited.

They must have hugged 400 times,” Amy Clary told CBS DFW. “They kept hugging and getting so giddy that they would fall over.”

Dawson and Hannah, together again.
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Dawson and Hannah, together again.

The toddlers are fortunate to be together again, but in the end, Sykes says she and her family are the ones who are “blessed.”

“That is such a wonderful option for families and we hope people will consider it,” Sykes said on “Good Morning America.” “You think you’re doing something for these kids, but in the end we’ve been so blessed. Our lives have been made so rich.”

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