Adoption Nightmare: 'I Want My Baby Back!' (VIDEO)

Kristen, now 22, decided to place her baby girl for adoption with her ex-stepfather Adam and his new wife Stacy. At the time, she wrote: "I have a great opportunity to give my baby a wonderful life with wonderful parents and also to make my life better. I will always love her and I am not abandoning her." But now that Kristen is pregnant again, she wants back her now-2-year-old biological daughter whom she hasn't seen since birth.

"My child was stolen from me by my stepdad and his new wife," Kristen claims. "I don't remember signing any adoption papers for my daughter. I was supposed to be present when the adoption was finalized. Nobody called me. No one told me anything. I believe it was illegal. I do have suspicions that they drugged me ... I want my child back."

But Stacy and Adam say the adoption proceedings were all done strictly by the book. "Kristen never acted like she wanted to see the baby whatsoever," says Stacy. "Kristen made it clear to the nurses and the doctor she did not want her child laid on her once she was born."

Adam, who met Kristen when she was 7, says of her: "She's got a victim mentality. She takes no responsibility for her actions. Kristen was not manipulated by me and Stacy, and she knows that."

Stacy adds, "Kristen needs to understand that she is no longer this baby's parent. Kristen's favorite thing to do is to call us 'evil' and 'bad' people. If we're so evil and so bad, why did you choose us to adopt your child?"

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