These Baby Animals Are Yawning, But Not For The Reason You Might Think

Warning: The following may be contagious.

Yawning is a somewhat unexplained phenomenon in both animals and humans, even though we know that people, animals and even fetuses in the womb do it. 

When it comes to humans, experts think yawning has something to do with the fact that you're tired, more specifically that yawning stimulates the body when you're sleepy or bored. But for animals, experts suspect yawning serves a variety of other purposes -- including to help some animals cool down or, for others, as a means of communicating an emotional connection or a threat.

But even though reasons for yawning might differ, studies provide some pretty convincing evidence that yawns are contagious amongst people and amongst animals. Dogs might even be able to "catch" yawns from their owners. But researchers still aren’t able to say with certainty why the act is so catchy.

Go ahead and see if these adorable baby animals make you open wide, too.

Video produced and edited by Samantha Guff.



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