Adorable Boy Begs His Mom Not To Cook A Chicken In Touching Video

"Leave her alone," he pleaded.

A young Brazilian boy's heart was broken after he seemed to have figured out where his chicken dinner actually came from.

"Leave her alone," the boy, named Vitor, begged his mom in Portuguese while crying and promising that he would "take care of her."

But Vitor was a little bit too late to save it as the raw chicken in the pan that he was trying to lovingly protect by holding on to it had no head and was already dead, which his mother pointed out to him. Even so, after many crocodile tears and pleas from Vitor, eventually, his mom agreed not to cook the chicken.

It's unclear when the video was first filmed, but it's gotten more than 6 million views after being reposted on Sunday to the Facebook page of animal rights activist Gary Yourofsky. Though we can't say for sure if the video shows an authentic, spontaneous moment, Vitor's emotional pleas and enormous empathy for an animal is incredibly touching.

Hopefully, if he does decide he wants to take care of chickens in the future, he’ll learn that if you’re able to commit to the care that they need, the intelligent birds can make wonderful pets.

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