Adorable Dormouse Snores Loudly (VIDEO)

Adorable Mouse Snores Loudly

If there was ever a video to explain what "a case of the Mondays" means, it's this one. In fact, we're a little envious of this little guys total lack of self-awareness. This has to be one satisfying nap.

In the video's info section, YouTube user thamesditto46 provides some details on the snoring snoozer.

"Dormice hibernate in the winter in nests that they make hidden away on the ground. In Britain the dormouse may spend up to 1/3 of its life in hibernation. Dormice usually enter hibernation at the time of the first frost, when nearly all food is gone. Dormice rely upon fat reserves gathered in the summer and autumn, and during hibernation they loose [sic] about a quarter of their body weight."

According to the information, the video was taken by Surrey Wildlife Trust Mammal Project Officer Dave Williamstook -- if you want someone to thank for the cuteness.

Want more squee-worthy sleeping animals? Click over to this slideshow. Or check out this collection of baby animals taking impromptu naps. You won't regret it.


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