Adorable Kids Ask Pharrell Hard-Hitting Questions About His New Book 'Happy'

"You guys are making me so nervous," Pharrell said at his kids-only press conference.

Pharrell Williams has turned his hit single "Happy" into a children's book and on Tuesday, he held a press conference with an unlikely batch of budding journalists -- a group a young kids.

"You guys are making me so nervous," the Grammy award-winning artist and producer admitted. The kids asked hard-hitting questions like, "what's your favorite page in the book," "have you got any pets" and "what was your favorite book when you were a boy?"

"Happy," which was released Tuesday, is Williams' first book. He's joined a long list of celebs who've have ventured into children's literary world, like Taye Diggs who recently released his own book for biracial kids titled "Mixed Me." Pharrell teamed up with Penguin Young Readers for his first children's book "Happy," which features different illustrations and photos of children celebrating what happy means to them. In an effort to promote literacy, the book is connected to the social media campaign #ReadHAPPY which promises to donate up to 50,000 books to children in need.

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"There's no greater way this could  have happened because honestly this book is for you," he told the kids. "The book is for you and your friends and it's an iteration of a song that I had a couple years back but I think more than anything else... Having it in book form allows for you guys to get the worth of the lyrics."

One young journalist asked Williams why he decided to write a children's book.

“I’m still a big kid and I don’t wanna lose that," Williams said. "So in order to not lose it, one has to continue to do things that is fun and you have to continue to give back to what’s given you so much, which is the kids. You guys have given me so much… That’s why I wanted to do it for you guys."

If that wasn't adorable enough, here's more on "Happy" in the video below.

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