Adorable Seven-Year-Old Boy Finally Meets His Idol Lester Holt

The notable anchor is among the latest to foster black boy joy.

In a viral video earlier this month, one adorable 7-year-old boy made it comically clear that “NBC Nightly News” anchor Lester Holt is the only journalist worthy of his time. And on Tuesday, Holt showed his appreciation in a special way.

Jaden, who is from Portland, Oregon (and whose last name was withheld by his mother), was interviewed on Feb. 3 by KGW reporter Drew Carney alongside his cousin at Portland International Airport to talk about the winter storm that hit the city ahead of their trip to Disney World. Jaden was immediately put off that Carney wasn’t the anchor he was accustomed to watching regularly on TV with his grandmother, and promptly walked away from the interview.

“I didn’t really see you on TV that much,” Jaden said to Carney. “The brown... the Lester Holt? Usually you see him more on the news than you.”

But on Tuesday, Jaden was able to meet the reporter in person by paying a visit to the set of NBC’s “Nightly News with Lester Holt” in New York along with his family. Jaden’s mother said Holt was just one of two people of color the first grader looked up to ― the other being former President Barack Obama.

“Every day, he would watch the news and see Lester and say, ‘Looks like me, looks like me, looks like me,’” Jaden’s mother told Holt.

During the family’s visit to 30 Rock, Jaden and his cousin were able to sit in Holt’s news chair, recite the signature “Nightly News” introduction and meet the staff. Jaden, who also plays the violin, was asked by Holt ― a bassist ― to bring along his instrument, which the two played together.

A photograph of the one-of-a-kind music session is now the cover photo for the “Nightly News” homepage.

Holt: You’re a real one.

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