'Adorable-izing Hate' Is The Best Way To Deal With Spiteful Internet Comments

What to do when someone writes terrible things about you on the Internet? Turn their comments into cute pieces of embroidery, obviously.

Marie Brian, also known as the Cotton Floozy, creates and sells hilarious stitchings online. When she started receiving negative feedback -- like so many other women on the Internet -- she decided to respond by incorporating those offensive comments into her pieces.

"When you see something so horrible written about you in print form, it has a way of searing itself onto your psyche," Brian told The Huffington Post in an email. "I found so much relief in facing those words head on, exorcising their power with a few adorable stitches and some pom-pom trim."

The result is "Adorable-izing Hate," a fledgling project turning negative internet commentary into cute artwork. In a blog post about the project, Brian explained how soothing she found the process and invited her followers to share their own experiences with hateful comments.

"All I know is that stitching a bit of the hate directed towards me was immensely cathartic," she wrote. "It turned my tears (thin-skin) into laughter. If you have any bit of hate that you have received from a crazy ex or an online troll, let me know... Maybe I can adorable-ize it through the power of embroidery."

The project isn't limited to Internet commentary -- Brian has also stitched excerpts from angry texts and personal messages.

As long as Internet trolls are around, the possibility of being torn down in the comments is real. Brian has a fantastic attitude about it, though. As she wrote in her blog post, "Haters gonna hate, stitchers gonna stitch."

Check out more embroidery from Marie Brian here.



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