Adrian Grenier Kicked Out Of Park Slope Food Co-Op (UPDATE)

The Park Slope Food Co-Op, shifting from thorny political debates, is showing Adrian Grenier who's boss by suspending the "Entourage" star for his failure to work the co-op's required shifts. [Update below]

As the co-op explains on their site, every member, including beautiful celebrities, are expected to work 2 hours and 45 minutes once every four weeks, 13 times per calendar year.

According to The Daily, Grenier slacked on his duties and is now banned from shopping the co-ops plethora of organic food, including the Israeli food products that managed to dodge a boycott, despite the hilarious ire of some members.

The 35-year old actor once trumpeted the co-op for the very fact he never received any Hollywood perks. He explained, "The reason why I'm part of the co-op is that I don't get special treatment. Everyone contributes...I do it because of the sense of community. And I believe that effort and contribution toward something communal is healthy for somebody's psyche."

It was recently suspected many busybody parents of Park Slope were so determined to keep their membership at the co-op, they routinely sent their nannies and housekeepers to pick up their shifts.

Update: Grenier Tweeted in his defense: