Adrian Grenier's Park Slope Food Co-Op Exit To Greene Hill A Growing Trend

Adrian Grenier's Park Slope Food Co-Op Exit Part Of Growing Trend

Did the Park Slope Food Co-Op attempt to cover up Adrien Grenier's move to competitor Greene Hill by planting a nasty rumor alleging the actor was a bonafide slacker?

Probably not, but the co-op may have good reason to do so. According to The Daily News, Grenier's departure is part of a growing trend, as members have grown wary of Park Slope's overcrowding and "militant" ways and have fled to alternative markets.

One former member who also escaped to Greene Hill in Clinton Hill explained, "Park Slope has so many members it’s so intense. I used to show up for a work shift and they would have no work for me to do."

In fact, Greene Hill's numbers are increasing with already 834 members, just short of its 1,000 member goal set for the spring.

Last Thursday, Grenier's co-op activities spurred plenty of rumors with a damning allegation he was banished from the Brooklyn food mecca for his failure to complete the co-op's required shifts.

The actor quickly defended himself via Twitter, "It's not true. Help clear my name. I moved to the new @greenehill coop & encourage everyone to join." A Park Slope manager later confirmed this was true, explaining there was was no bad blood between neighboring co-ops and that Park Slope assisted with Greene Hill's development.

Park Slopers are also permitted to work their required shifts in Clinton Hill.

If you're one of the thousands of members pondering an escape, watch the video below detailing Greene Hill's efforts:

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