This Reporter Interviewed THE Adrian Peterson And Totally Failed To Recognize Him

"Your name?"

Adrian Peterson is statistically one of the greatest NFL running backs of all time. But this Houston reporter had no idea he was interviewing a legend when he asked Peterson a few questions about road rage.

On Tuesday, Fox 26 reporter John Donnelly approached a regular citizen for a man-on-the-street interview. Peterson kindly answered the reporter’s questions and talked about his past experiences with handling road rage.

As the interview wrapped up, Donnelly asked Peterson, “Your name?”

Peterson naturally replied, “Adrian Peterson.”

“Wait a minute, you’re not...,” Donnelly said.

After an awkward pause, Peterson said, “Yeah.”

The two men then shared a laugh.

Donnelly posted this picture on Facebook after the interview.

Peterson hails from Palestine, Texas, and last year put his home in the area on the market.

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