Woman Without Arms Sets World Record For Lighting Candles With Feet

Now this takes the cake.

A woman born without arms now owns a Guinness World record for lighting the most birthday candles in one minute just using her feet, according to a press release.

Adriana Irene Macías Hernández from Guadalajara, Mexico, broke the record last week on the Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record.

Hernández lit 11 candles in 60 seconds, breaking a previous record of seven held by Ashrita Furman.

As extraordinary as it is to light one candle with her feet, much less 11, it is only one of her many talents.

The 39-year-old is an attorney and has written several books. She also works to promote inclusiveness for the disabled in her home country.

When Hernández isn’t lighting candles with her feet, she uses them to write, cook, hold the cell phone and retouch her hair and makeup.

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