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Adriana Lima To Star In Two Super Bowl Commercials (VIDEOS)

Gisele might be married to New England Patriots quarterback, but Adriana Lima is the official supermodel of the Super Bowl.

Adriana, who has shared the runway with Gisele countless times, will be starring in two different commercials during Super Bowl XLVI, which airs on February 5 (but you knew that already, of course).

Unhip car company Kia will try to sex up its image with what's likely its "wildest" commercial yet. From the teaser, we know Adriana will wave a checkered racing flag while wearing a strappy cut-out leotard. And that's probably all we need to know.

Teleflora also announced that it will employ Lima to hawk its flower delivery service. Adriana explained in the press release, "Men will learn about the emotions women feel and how important a gift of flowers is to us on Valentine's Day." (Who knew supermodel commercials could be educational?)

Still, we doubt that the Kia or the Teleflora spots will beat the sultry Victoria's Secret commercial that aired during the 2008 Super Bowl. Because what two things go together better than, er, bras and football?

For a giant dose of Adriana, check out the ads below.

Adriana Lima for Kia, 2012:

Adriana Lima for Teleflora, 2012:

Adriana Lima for Victoria's Secret, 2008: