Adrien Brody and His Passion for Painting

Adrien Brody always loved fish. "I've been painting and drawing fish since I was very young," says the Oscar-winning actor and painter. "My mom found old pictures I did when I was around 6 or 7 of all these sharks and scuba diver looking back, a big ship, throwing a harpoon. There was already a message within what I saw."

As he grew up, his connection to fish and the environment evolved to something deeper. For example, look at his image of a mermaid with guns to her head. "She's an amphibious creature. It's referencing helplessness with a sense that our environment is completely at our mercy, the consumer's mercy," he explains. "There's a sadness for what is coming and already here, unfortunately, for our land and seas. We ingest countless amounts of paper goods, it ends up in waterways and we really don't acknowledge it."

Fittingly called "Hooked," Brody's latest exhibition at the contemporary and modern art fair, Art New York showed a number of his thought-provoking paintings. Last year, he exhibited his series, Hotdogs, Hamburgers and Handguns. Brody sat down with Parade to share his passion for painting. Read the full story here at


Art New York and Context New York showcases pieces from more than 150 galleries representing nearly 1,200 artists from 50 countries. Robert De Niro, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brett Ratner, Michael Strahan and others visited Brody's exhibit. While Brooke Shields, songwriter and artist Bernie Taupin and hockey Hall of Famer, Rod Gilbert stopped by to view works like "Irreconcilable Images," a solo exhibition from Shark Tank's Kevin O'Leary. Click on the gallery to see photos and more pictures of Brody's art.

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