Adrien Brody, "High School" Trailer: Brody Lets Loose (VIDEO)

Adrien Brody shows off his crazy eyes in the newest trailer for “HIGH School.” The 38-year-old actor plays an eccentric drug dealer who gets his special stash stolen by two teens.

Thought Brody is certainly a versatile actor, having played a mentally ill man in "The Village" and a committed war veteran in "The Jacket," his character in "HIGH School" is quite a change of pace from Brody’s more serious roles, including his depiction of a substitute teacher in the 2011 film “Detachment.”

“HIGH School” revolves around a geeky high school senior, Henry Burke, who is on track to attend MIT. Of course, a wrench gets thrown in that plan when Henry, played by Matt Bush, tries marijuana for the first time, only to be met by mandatory drug testing a school.

Fearing expulsion, Henry concocts an extravagant scheme with the help of his friend Travis, played by Sean Marquette, to spike the brownies at the bake sale so that everyone in the school will test positive for pot.

Hilarity ensures after the special brownies are gone as everyone in school -- teachers including -- begin to act very out of character.

The 2010 film was taken off the back burner and presented during the 2012 Sundance Film Festival. "HIGH School" will hit theaters nationwide in June.

Check out the trailer above for a sneak peek at Brody's psychotic performance.

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