Adult Baby: National Geographic's 'Taboo' Highlights Man With Infantalism (VIDEO)


It's no odd thing to pine for a simpler time, to wish you could go back to childhood. It's a common, impossible fantasy, it seems, one that is more exaggerated gasp and wistful dream in difficult times. For some, though, the desire for a past life is so insatiable, they do everything they can to make it happen.

Unfortunately, given that time travel isn't yet possible, they often seem a bit unusual in their quest.

National Geographic's "Taboo" highlights the life of one such dreamer: Stanley, the adult baby. He sleeps in a giant crib, plays Legos in a baby play area, gets fed with a bottle and is even creating his own gigantic highchair. It's not sexual, just the recapturing of a simpler time, no matter how psychologically complicated it may appear.

An infantalist, Stanley dresses normally for the real world, but in his apartment, it's all child's play. Though most babies don't build their own cribs.

To learn more about the show, which airs Wednesday night, click over to National Geographic.


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