Adult Boozey Snowcone Recipe and Tutorial #summer

(Watch in HD!)

So it's a humid 85 degrees, and you are pretty sure you may melt into the sidewalk at any moment if you don't find a way to cool off. But where is the fun in just jumping into the pool cannon ball style with reckless abandon? Okay maybe that wasn't the best example. Of course that would be fun. So have at it! But while you are embracing your inner child, why not add something equally as fun to the mix. Liiiiiikeee.... AN ADULT BOOZEY SNOW CONE?!

Wait wait, you are saying I can jump into my pool like a 5 year old, and then eat a slushy, snow coney treat when I climb out, and my mom won't yell at me??? Well, maybe she will. You will always be her baby, after all. BUT, at least now when she yells at you, you can "listen" to her while sipping a vodka/rum/peach schnapps snow cone, and it really wont matter what she's saying. Her mouth may be moving, but you will instantly be transported to a tropical universe where the sunsets last for 3 hours, and some strapping young man, or sexy lady is fanning you with a grape leaf, feeding you cheetos.... Oh, that's not everyone's fantasy? #akward

Well, fantasize no more because here is a super #cool treat for all of our adult readers out there (21 plus, sorry!) who need a little chill in their summer day off! (Grape leaf wielding sexy pool man or woman not included, sorry folks!)

Be sure to comment below if you try out this recipe! We purchased the snow cone cups on Amazon. If you are looking for them, search "Jelly Belly Silicone Cups and Swirl Straws ". Happy snow coning, and drink responsibly!

Boozey Snow Cone Joy.
Boozey Snow Cone Joy.
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