Sex Toys Of The Future, According To The Adult Entertainment Expo (NSFW)

If This Is The Future Of Sex, We'll Stay In The Past (NSFW)

You probably won't get a rise out of these toys.

There are plenty of exhibitors at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in Las Vegas, but these are the weirdest new additions we could find this year.

The sex industry likes to think its on the cutting edge of extracurriculars, but these "new" products just made us giggle. Would you try them?

Just be warned that some people are likely to find the photos below disturbing, and they are definitely not safe for work.

Real Dolls
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
The Real Doll line of sex dolls have been around for a while, but now they're getting a little too real. For just $8,500, you can own a life-like rendering of famous porn stars. For a little more, the Real Doll company will render anyone you like into one of these.Remember the last time you were in a department store and a mannequin scared you because you thought it was a real person lurking in the shadows? Yeah, we were worried that the Jessica Drake Real Doll clone might attack us.
Brony Plugs
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
Perhaps you know some Bronies, grown men who enjoy "My Little Pony" products. Now, porn star Tasha Reign has created a line of sex toys just for them.Can you guess what that thing in Reign's hand does? Read more here.
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
If you're afraid your penis is too small, the Hydromax is here to help (though therapy might be cheaper and more effective). You use the Hydromax in the shower and the manufacturer claims that this water vacuum pump "creates a vacuum which expands the penis to full erection, and in most cases, slightly more."
Extracurricular Exercise Balls
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
By far, this is the most hilariously perverted toy we found at the event. It's called "The Magic Ball," and you can probably guess how it's used. Sorry to ruin your day.
Lube Fountain
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
It's a fountain. That spews lube. We can't wrap our minds around it, but it's mesmerizing, in its own way.
Porn Star Trading Cards
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
Remember when your mom made you get rid of all your awesome baseball cards (yeah, we had the Tops Frank Thomas rookie card, too)? Well, now, as an adult, you can start a collection again with The Adult Trading Card Company.Their website lets you create your own trading cards (humblebrag), and if you pay just a little more, your favorite adult actress will sign them for you.
My Private Pillow
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
The guys who made My Private Pillow told us that the average American has six pillows. SIX PILLOWS.Well, finally there's a purpose for all those extra sham pillows that you throw off the bed every night anyway. My Private Pillow has a secret pouch where you can hide all your weird toys. Or your cash. Or your weed, if you live in Colorado.
Weed Smokin' Genitalia Pipe
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
It's called the "Cock Pipe." If you're a (Coloradoan) weed smoker, you can buy one of these and toke up while you get down.
The App That Welcomes Your Creepy Drawings
Andy Campbell / Huffington Post
It's like Draw Something, we think, except it's OK to draw creepy things and send the finished product to your buddies. Adult Draw is available on the app store, but you were already doing this with Draw Something, we're sure.UPDATE: An app representative told us that he's running a fundraiser through the app for several charities. He explains:Adult-Draw is a naughty drawing game for adults and we run fundraise for three charity organizations: American Cancer Society, Magic Johnson Foundation, and Virgin Money Giving ... We want people to have fun and give back to the community.
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