Adult Hoop Dreams: An Interview With Bruce Williams, Jr.

For a long time now, I've been a fan of basketball. I've never been a particularly good player, but it's fun to watch and a great workout. I also write about it from time to time on my site.

It turns out that many professionals aren't willing to give up their childhood hoop dreams. To this end, I recently sat down with realtor Bruce Williams, Jr. of Las Vegas to talk about an interesting adult basketball league.

PS: What is the TBT?

BW: The TBT stands for The Basketball Tournament. It is a 64-team, four-region, single elimination tournament. The first-place team wins $2,000,000.

PS: Who plays in the tournament?

BW: It is open to anyone over the age of 18. Any player participating in the TBT forgoes his or her college eligibility. The Rosters of the TBT are made up of everyone from overseas professionals, former college stars, ex-NBA players, and weekend rec league warriors.

BW: Games are played in four regions, including Los Angeles, Charlotte, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

PS: Where can I watch these games?

BW: Tickets to the games can be purchased in advance online or at the arena on game day. All games are televised on the TBT's online network. All games after the round of 16 are televised on the ESPN family of networks. All games take place at college campuses in the area culminating with the Final Four at Fordham University in the Bronx.

PS: Tell me about your team.

BW: We are called 7outz. Much like the city of Vegas, it is made up of people and players from all over the world who come out west looking for an opportunity to win big.

PS: What is 7outz?

BW: The name 7outz is a double entendre (sans the risqué meaning). It refers to the number of outs a player has in a poker hand as well as the dealer call for a player crapping out at the craps table.

The 7outz basketball club is a group of successful and competitive basketball players that gives back both time and resources. The purpose of this club is to use basketball as a way to build consistent winning habits, increase networks, and provide opportunities both inside and outside the game of basketball. We compete in several local leagues and tournaments and have built a reputation in Las Vegas for winning championships and developing high-level, high-quality players. In addition to competing in the TBT, the club is also scheduled to complete in other money tournaments and high level Pro-Am's throughout the Summer of 2016.

PS: What makes you think your team can win a $2,000,000 tournament?

BW: Last year we won 3 games and advanced to the round of 16 in Chicago. Along the way, we knocked off former NBA Champions Mike Bibby, Brian Scalabrine, and Matt Bonner. Our team was able to accomplish this with absolutely zero practice or prep time prior to the start of the event.

This year our club has been preparing for 365 days. Several key veterans are returning--along with some young talented players. That mixed combined with a scheduled training camp should provide us with the extra edge we need.

PS: Where can I find more information about 7outz?

BW: This page contains links to our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter channels.

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