'Adult' Magazine Editor Sarah Nicole Prickett Talks 'Porn For Women'

Most magazines with erotic content, like Playboy and Hustler, are aimed at a decidedly male audience -- so one woman decided to launch a different kind of publication.

Adult magazine's founding editor, Sarah Nicole Prickett, noticed a gap in the market and acted on it. In an October 2013 interview with The Cut, she said that she wanted to created a magazine that appealed to everyone, yet "feels like it was made by a woman."

But that doesn't mean that Adult mag is "porn for women." In fact, Prickett is reluctant to conform to any gender stereotypes when it comes to pornography:

I don’t believe in “porn for women.” The porn that I watch certainly does not fall into that category. It’s not that I think porn for women is going to be, like, softer or gentler than it is for men. What’s actually in this magazine -- the photos that I would call more conservative -- are the photos that the guys liked.

Prickett isn't the only producer of erotic content who isn't sold on "porn for women" as a concept. In an August 2013 interview, adult film star James Deen said:

My theory on porn for women is it’s just porn. Why is there porn explicitly only for women? By saying there needs to be porn for women, you’re basically isolating women as a gender, and saying, "This is how women should think. This is how their sexuality should be."

Defining women's sexuality in any one way seems to be exactly what Prickett wants to avoid with Adult magazine -- indeed, she wants as many women to be involved in the production as possible. "I've had more women ask me if they can be naked in my magazine than ask to write for it," she said.

More power to them.

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