Advanced Style Muses Talk The Dos And Don'ts of Midlife Fashion (VIDEO)

WATCH: What Are The Dos And Don'ts of Midlife Fashion?

Fashion is an art, and the muses behind photographer Ari Seth Cohen's book, Advanced Style, illustrate that our bodies make great canvases at any age.

In a recent Huff Post Live segment, four of Cohen's favorite muses discussed the do's and don'ts of fashion after midlife. Their age and experience in the world of fashion made their advice stand out.

One Advanced Style fashionista, Lynn Dell, made a few important suggestions:

"You never show your arms when you're over a certain age and you don't wear shorts. You dress appropriately. We don't want to look younger. We want to look better. We want to look healthier."

"A little lipstick and a little paint makes you look like what you ain't."

Meanwhile, muse Alice Carey had a hair recommendation for women:

"You've got to deal well with your hair. A ponytail on a 70 year old is not attractive... I do see them and it breaks my heart. At some points, you got to let go and move on to something jazzy."

For more great tips from the fashionable ladies behind Advanced Style, watch the video above, and tell us what you think of their advice in the comments below.

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