Yes, I made a Breakfast Advent Calendar To Keep my Baking Passion Alive

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This year, during ‘tis holiday season, I’ve challenged myself in making 25 breakfasts starting from December 1 and post one each morning on my IG profile.

Why? My answer is actually a question for you: How do you keep your passions alive while you have a full time job?

Yes - exactly. How? This is my biggest struggle, but sometimes you have to push yourself to keep doing what you love, and for me is BAKING. I was going to stop baking finding stupid excuses like ‘I’m tired’, ‘I’ve been working all day and now I just want to sleep’, etc. But at the end this is something that really relaxes me and makes me happy. So, why loose all of this?

Are you curious about this journey that I’m making? You get to discover 25 ideas for Holiday breakfasts and the only think you have to do is following me on Instagram. The reward, at least for me ;-), is actually pretty great: coffee, tea, cakes, tarts, cookies, croissants and more!

Here you can find a glimpse - we are still missing few breakfasts of course, but make sure to not loosing track of this adventure - I believe that I have a lot in common with many of you, full time workers, with a huge love for something that has the power to just put a big smile on your face anytime you’re doing it.

Tell, what’s your big passion that you keeps you alive?

If you’re looking for recipes, is the right place to go :-)

Share with me your breakfasts using #TheBreakfastTherapy and tag me @misscococupcake on Instagram!

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