Extremely Realistic War Game To Reenact Zombie Threat In Miami (VIDEO)

Here's your real chance to defend Dade.

In two weeks, a sleeper terrorist cell will activate a bio-threat on our sunny shores causing a full-on zombie attack by the undead.

At least that's the storyline for an extreme live action war game coming to Miami on November 8 - 10. Watch the trailer above.

For about $160 a mission, Miamians will have the chance to train with former US Army Rangers, Special Forces, Marine Special Operations Command, Navy SEALs, and Delta Force soldiers before getting armed with air pellet guns and sent to take out zombies and terrorists.

The company behind the live action event is Adventure Combat Ops, started by former special operatives who now work for a defense contracting firm that trains military personnel.

Tom Baller, a former Delta Force member who now works with Adventure Combat Ops, described the life of a special operative to CBS Miami: “Your mind, it never stops. You don’t sleep at night, you think about what you did the day before. Then you wake up and you do it again. Ninety days deployment you are going to do 500 combat missions or more.”

Now back from war, these highly-trained soldiers want to recreate the adrenaline surge for civilians.

"Once your war against the unforeseen threats initiates," the event web site describes, "the battlefield will become daringly engrossed in smoke, vast projected images of chaos, overwhelming audible sounds of pandemonium, real smells of the undead, an array of intense lighting AND darkness, and unique pyrotechnics that are sure to heighten your senses, pulse rate, and concern for the survival of the world."

Adventure Combat Ops maintains strict Rules of Engagement addressing safety concerns and emphasizes that the training received does not prepare civilians "to go into real gun fights with terrorists and conduct raids on enemy strong holds."

There's also the chance to perform as the hunted zombies during the three-day war game with a $100 gift card going to the best undead actor. Volunteers must disclose any physical and mental conditions and cannot have a criminal history.

The mission location is secret for now, reportedly after safety concerns by county and city officials, but organizers say it is within a 20 minute drive of the Miccosukee Casino.

[H/T: CBS Miami]

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