Whoa, Homies! The New 'Adventure Time' DVD Has A Huge Easter Egg

Before all of your favorite scenes hit the screen, they start as sketches.

If "Adventure Time" has taught us anything, it's that "suckin' at something is the first step toward being sorta good at something." That's kind of a blunt way to say, "You gotta start somewhere," and a new Easter egg reveals it's the same way at the Cartoon Network show.

Listen up, homies. Before all of your favorite "Adventure Time" scenes hit the screen, they start off as sketches. And now The Huffington Post has learned that the fifth season DVD and Blu-ray have a hidden feature that reveals some of those behind-the-scenes moments. Cartoon Network has shared some of these exclusive images with HuffPost, and they're even more mathematical for die-hard fans than you can imagine. Check it:

  • 1 Here's how the "Card Wars" game got so flooping amazing.
    Cartoon Network
  • 2 Jake transforming his bod because he's magic like that.
    Cartoon Network
  • 3 That's happy birthday in Swedish, y'all.
    Cartoon Network
  • 4 Even a cursed sword has to start somewhere.
    Cartoon Network
  • 5 GOLB just chillin' like a malevolent villain.
    Cartoon Network
  • 6 And Old Finn probably still having fun on the Dungeon Train.
    Cartoon Network

For more exclusive art, check out this clip, which reveals how "Adventure Time" overcame a rocky development process, and even shows some concepts that got tossed: 


"Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season" is available Tuesday, so to find more Easter eggs, just grab a copy and pop it in your DVD player -- or if a DVD player isn't available, just follow BMO's special instructions: 

 Image: Giphy

Eh ... on second thought, just get a DVD player.


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