Oh, My Glob! 'Adventure Time' Is Coming To An End

Bad news, homies.

Apparently, the fun will eventually end on “Adventure Time.”

Cartoon Network announced on Thursday that the ninth season of the Emmy-winning animated show will be its last. The good news is that won’t happen for a couple years.

Adventure Time” will reportedly air new half-hour specials and episodes through 2018 and will conclude with “142 half-hours of content” under its belt. Still, the end is in sight.

Creator Pendleton Ward said the show was a “passion project” for the people who worked on it, and they “poured their heart into the art and stories.”

He continued, “We tried to put into every episode something genuine and telling from our lives, and make a show that was personal to us, and that had jokes too! I’m really happy that it connected with an audience for so long. It’s a special thing, I think.”

We think so, too. 

Since the series officially began in 2010, both fans and critics have enjoyed going to very distant lands with Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. The show has won numerous awards, including Emmys, BAFTA and Annie Awards, and it’s featured a variety of famous guest stars, such as George Takei and Neil Patrick Harris. The team behind “Adventure Time” even supposedly wanted to get the full casts from both “The Office” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in the series.

Over the years, Jake and Finn went on adventures, fell in love with princesses and rainicorns, and defeated monsters, all the while featuring deeper themes about friendship and growing up. They also gave us hella sweet catchphrases like “Algebraic!”

But this news the opposite of algebraic, my dudes. At least we have two years left. Even after that, your “Adventure Time” friends will always be there for you. 

You know why?



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