'Adventure Time' Transformed Into Epic Live-Action Movie Trailer That's Fit For Hollywood

What would “Adventure Time” look like as a feature film?

YouTube’s Gritty Reboots channel has made a live-action movie trailer that riffs off the Cartoon Network hit show; and it’s epic, emotional, and — you guessed it — pretty darn gritty.


Set in a post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo, this Hollywood-style take on “Adventure Time” has been winning plenty of fans this week, many of whom have expressed an eagerness to watch this reboot as a full-length film.

“I’m praying this is real,” wrote one YouTuber after watching the clip.

Kotaku’s Mike Fahey chimed in: “Gritty Reboots goes above and beyond their usual fare, creating a trailer for a movie part of me wants to watch. The other part just couldn't handle the feels.”

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