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Adventures In Online Dating: Tell us Yours?

"A girl never forgets her first e-courtship" begins the new book,by formersex columnist.
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"A girl never forgets her first e-courtship" begins the new book, I Love
You, Let's Meet
by former Salon sex columnist Virginia Vitzthum. When you read (and I highly recommend that you do) her exposé of the pleasures and perils of technology-enhanced romance -- or better yet if you've experienced the heart-racing rush or heart-crushing ache of e-love or e-rotica, you know this to be true. Many have found true love online - at least that's what you'll read if you click onto Match or eHarmony. But many more looking for Mr. or
Mrs. Right on the Internet have not - discovering that the methods and mores of web romance are complex and that there's often a big disconnect between creative self expression and honest

Virginia tells all - sparing no details of the Internet dating lives
of the dozens of people she interviewed - along with her own very
candid tales. Yes, you'll get a good dose of steamy sex chat (thank you Paul and Valerie in Part Six) But you'll also get an overview of the unique world of online romance as the book chronicles the first flirtatious email exchanges and digital photo swaps to the nerve-wracking
"What will I wear, will she really be beautiful, will he be as soulful
and sexy as he says he is" leading up to the first F2F - face to face-
meeting. She also deconstructs the compatibility tests offered to
prospective e-daters (read her post about that here) - ultimately
believing that a love match can't be determined by a questionnairre - no matter how many queries are asked or answered.

Do you have your own online dating debacle or fairy tale to share? We would love to hear it. From now until Valentine's Day, send 200-500 words about your online romance to and we'll send the first 15 of you signed copies of her book. And please black out names and email addresses...let's all play fair. The best stories will be posted here and on Virginia's blog