Advertising Week 2011: Gay TV Commercials (VIDEOS)

Gay or lesbian-themed advertising is still a relatively new marketing realm, and as these commercials attest, when same-sex themes are included in mainstream commercials, they're usually intended for comic effect.

Although digital ads are reportedly the most effective for the LGBT community, there's no denying the wit behind some of these ads, which range from silly (Virgin Atlantic) to sexy (Jawbone Bluetooth) to the downright bizarre (Orangina's infamous "gay cat" ad). Undoubtedly, many of these commercials still have the potential to ruffle a few feathers; the Orangina clip, for instance, was yanked from French airwaves shortly after its 2010 release, while two gay-themed Doritos ads were submitted to the company for its “Crash the Super Bowl” contest in 2011 and sparked mixed reviews despite never officially being released.

Take a look of some of TV's gayest commercials below:

Gay Commercials