Advice Columnist Punked By 'Seinfeld' Plot Needs More TV In Her Life

Time to brush up on your pop culture, Ask Amy.
NBC via Getty Images

Here's advice for Ask Amy: Watch "Seinfeld" reruns and maybe you won't get fooled again.

One cheeky reader passed off a "Seinfeld" episode -- when Jerry meets baseball star Keith Hernandez and gets taken advantage of -- as a real-life dilemma. "Feeling Foolish" then received a serious response back from the advice columnist.

Check out the exchange below, courtesy of Los Angeles Times reporter Sam Farmer.

While Ask Amy may be the master of her domain in advice, she needs to get her "Seinfeld" on. Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Here's a bit from the two-part Hernandez episode, which premiered in 1993.

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