Advice For A Dying Father With A Feuding Family (VIDEO)

Michael, a father of nine who is dying from cancer, has been estranged from four of his children for more than a year. The four kids say their mother won’t let them have any communication with their father. Their mother says the children are the ones who have isolated themselves from the family.

After an emotional family reunion on Dr. Phil’s stage, Dr. Phil impresses upon Michael the importance of re-establishing a relationship with his children before it’s too late.

“Don’t let the sun set without making sure you have said everything, done everything, completed every interaction, transaction, with those people you love, because you don’t know if you’re going to see the sun come up tomorrow,” he says in the video above. “Do not leave them with unfinished emotional business in their life. Do not leave them with open wounds.”

On his show Wednesday, Dr. Phil tries to help the family set aside their differences and come together for Michael. Check here for local listings.