18 Heartfelt Pieces Of Advice For Moms Of All Daughters

portrait of mother and daughters
portrait of mother and daughters

Every mom was a daughter at some point -- and perhaps that is why the relationship between mothers and daughters is so interesting. But just because you've been there, done that, doesn't mean you'll feel the same from the other side of the relationship.

"All of the emotions that [your daughter is] throwing at you, you once threw at your mom or dad. It may seem over the top, dramatic or ridiculous, but it's just a moment in time that you once faced, too," says mom Nichole Taggart.

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share the advice they had for moms of only daughters, and they offered some amazing lessons. Check them out, and add your own advice to the comments below.

moms of daughters

2.Tell them they're smart at least as much as you tell them they're pretty. Society does a great job of letting them know they need to be attractive, and not such a good job letting them know they need to be intelligent.” -- Heather Wulfman-Craig

3. Teach them their light shines brighter not when they try to blow other girls' lights out, but when girls encourage, love and lift each other up and their lights burn bright together.” -- Jen Boffey

moms of daughters

5. “Strive to be the woman you want them to be.” -- Maureen Khan

6. “Encourage them to be individuals. My second oldest tends to compare herself with the oldest, my middle one to the oldest two, and so on. The truth is they are all super different and they each have their own strengths that make them awesome. I'm constantly telling each of them what makes them special and encouraging them to pursue their personal interests.” -- Missy Wiest Rivas

7. “Be strong and breed confidence in them. Teach them how to respect themselves and others, regardless of gender. If you're with the father, show them how a real man will treat a woman, and vise versa.” -- Emily Daly

moms of daughters

9. “Try to have more than one bathroom in the house.” -- Nicole Bernard Volc

10. “Remember to breathe. All of the emotions that they are throwing at you, you once threw at your mom or dad. It may seem over the top, dramatic or ridiculous, but it's just a moment in time that you once faced, too." -- Nichole Taggart

11. "Be a mom first and friend second. We all want that close relationship with our daughters, but that doesn't mean we have to relive our childhood with them to reach that." -- Nichole Taggart

moms of daughters

14. “Always give them choices. It will save you a ton of headache and it will also help them grow to be independent, decisive women, who don't settle for anything less than their first choice.” -- Jamie Lynn Wettengal

15. “Let them be them.” -- Sarah Halcom

moms of daughters

17.While things can get so hard, and the roller-coaster of emotions you'll get from them, daily, can be overwhelming, the challenges are so worth it. Girls are full of drama and attitude and emotions. Girls are dirty and gross and fight with each other like no other. Girls are warm and cuddly and overflow with love and affection. Having the opportunity to raise your future best friends, having the privilege to raise strong, powerful, intelligent, beautiful women is such an amazing gift. It's just truly amazing." -- Ashley Hartfiel Duran

18. "Offer unconditional love and respect, and honor each girls' uniqueness. Although they may distance themselves from you in their teen years, see this as positive growth. They will return!” -- Pam Weisbrod

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