7 Things We Can Learn From Younger Generations

Parents just love dishing out unsolicited advice to their kids. Whether it's how to pick the right spouse, how they need to get more sleep, or how short (or long) their hemlines need to be, many love telling younger folks what to do.

But parents and grandparents often forget that kids are people too! While we're busy worrying about paying bills and how our kids will turn out, the younger generations are a little more full of wonder with the present. And that's something we can definitely all learn a thing or two about.

"How much better off would I be if I had focused on moments while I was raising my kids, moments that seemed inconsequential at the time? A shoe being tied, a bowl of cereal being poured, a nonsensical question...rather than going over in my mind something that might have seemed important but wasn't... How many more fleeting, forgotten moments would I have stored in my memory had I been right there," Huffington Post blogger Sharon Greenthal reminisced this week.

We asked our Facebook followers what they had learned from their kids and grandkids, and it seems they couldn't agree more with Sharon. Here are some of their best responses:

1) ""Just keep pedaling" said by my grandson when he was 7 and he was teaching a friend how to ride a 2 wheeler. It says so much!" said Sue Ditmire.

learning to ride bike

2) "My children have taught me to be more tolerant and open-minded of others," said Cheryl Weisser.

3) "Face Time on my phone - now I can talk to my little ones whenever they need me," said Linda Counselman Greene.

facetime phone

4) "I've kept current with music because of my son. I listen independently of him now and even introduce him to the occasional performer," said Jamie Wieloch Greco.

5) "Learning how to communicate to my adult daughter as an adult," said Chrissie Johnson.

6) "I discovered Breaking Bad because of my kids: loved it!" said Charlene Rotenberg Mandelbaum.

jesse pinkman walter white

7) "They have reminded me how to play," said Vincent Aurelius.

What have your kids or grandkids taught you? Tell us in comments.